Rose 2009 Vintage ‘La Perfide’

Cépage 65% Pinot Noir
35% Pinot Meunier

Dosage 9 g/l

Disgorged in 2015 after 5 years on lees and released in 2016 after a further 12 months on cork, this wine is approaching its 10th anniversary and is drinking perfectly.


“From its antique gold colour to its rich sour cherry and truffle flavours, this is a graceful, mature rose to sip and savour”

Judges of 2017 English Wine Awards

“Serious and complex, yet so drinkable and joyful, from the enthralling onion skin colour to the abundant fine, still-rising bubbles and remarkable depth and ‘chew’ to the palate. Delivers an impressive and age-worthy blanche of fruitiness with subtle secondary notes of baked pasty and caramel. Score 95 points.”

Judges of the Decanter World Wine Awards