A Vineyard Diary Part 8

Late May - Bordeaux

Vineyards and Coronavirus

The story so far: from the Coates’ temporary office arrangements inside Albion, parked outside their Hampshire home, we move to the Seely home office in Bordeaux…

Sparkling wine cocktail

In addition to creating, under lockdown conditions, quarantinis of cosmopolitan brilliance (this week’s is a blend of Château Suduiraut and Coates & Seely in a one third, two thirds combination to produce the ‘Entente Cordiale’), Christian has embarked of late on a highly successful movie career.

Here we see him in his latest epic, ‘La Perfide (2011)’, (remember ‘El Cid’?), which tells the story of a small and select batch of the 2011 harvest’s finest grapes, converted to 300 individually numbered magnums of vintage Coates & Seely Brut Reserve, the last 100 of which are now being offered exclusively to Friends of Coates & Seely.

This vintage wine, which is a gold medal winner and won, on its release, the Trophy for the Most Outstanding English Vintage Sparkling Wine (UK Wine Awards), has been on strict allocation since its launch in 2018 and has been selling for prices in excess of £110 per magnum. 

With the restaurant trade currently closed, we are now delighted to be in a position to offer these magnums exclusively to Friends of Coates & Seely at the reduced price of £90 per magnum.

It is drinking perfectly and is at its very best now.

Magnum of Vintage Sparkling Wine

Finally, a second movie, ‘The Entente Cordiale’, shows our up and coming matinee idol in a role in which he’s arguably at his very best.

The action depicted in this film specifically should be followed at home.

(to be continued….)