Hampton Court Real Tennis Championships

July 2018

Coates & Seely were delighted to sponsor the sparkling wine at this year’s Real Tennis Champions Trophy, hosted at the Royal Tennis Court at Hampton Court.

The Royal Court at Hampton Court was first built for cardinal Wolsey in 1526 and the current court contains one of the original walls and a further three walls built for Charles I in 1625.  A succession of British monarchs have played real tennis on these courts – including Charles II, William II and Price Albert, and Her Majesty The Queen remains the club’s Patron to this day. Henry VIII – a keen (and reputedly highly competitive) player himself – would certainly have recognised the game today, which has changed very little since Tudor times.

Real tennis professionals from around the world – including Australia, the US, France and the UK – converged on Hampton Court in the week immediately after Wimbledon to compete for this prestigious trophy. Entertainment – both on the court and off – was never far at hand, and Coates & Seely wines were served throughout, beginning at the opening dinner in the magnificent Great Hall, built by Henry VIII at the heart of the Tudor Court, and ending in the Palace gardens on a blistering hot July afternoon, where they provided cool refreshment to all and a fitting celebration for the winner.